I have decided to organize a trip to Thailand for those who want to know it from all sorts of perspectives, not only from beaches, tourist centers and visits to the most prosperous places in Thailand. The journey is for those who would like to travel, would like to know this interesting and beautiful country but they do not feel like it and they do not want to travel with them. The trails include both famous historical sites, such as a private fruit farm or a visit to the opium museum in the gold Triangle.

With a local Thai guide who has been doing and accompanying tourists in Thailand for more than a decade, your comfort and well-being on vacation will be taken care of.

I'm not a travel agent and I will never be. I live as a designer and these trips to Thailand are just for my fun and your beautiful experiences. Neither the airline nor the hotels are therefore preconfigured and negotiated, and we may have to deal with them on the spot. Please therefore be advised that I do not provide for an all inclusive holiday.

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